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From 26 June 2017, data on this website is unchanging while the underlying databases are restructured.

MoH Recognised Labs

Updating Laboratory or Test Details

The Ministry of Health requires all monitoring sample analysis to be performed using a laboratory with recognised skills for the analysis of determinands specified in the Drinking Water Standards 2005.

On behalf of the Ministry, IANZ manages a Register of such laboratories using a copy of WINZ. Any changes to the Register of Ministry of Health Recognised Laboratories are uploaded to National WINZ at ESR, and from there are made available to all WINZ users.

Note that only determinands of health significance are generally included in the Register. In certain circumstances, aesthetic determinands may also be included so that supplies can demonstrate compliance with aesthetic requirements for Grading.

Laboratory Details Missing or Incorrect?

Contact ESR Water Information Systems staff by phone or email (click here or see contacts) to discuss having your address or other contact information modified. Usually we will require a written, signed confirmation of such changes.

Quick Electronic Contacts: Each laboratory can have one email contact and one web page link included in their WINZ details, which will also appear here. This is currently offered as a free service, so make the most of it! (Maximum address length is 60 characters.)

To Add or Change Recognised Test Details

All such details are managed by IANZ (International Accreditation New Zealand) as part of their laboratory accreditation role. Please contact them to discuss such details.

   IANZ Contact Details:
  Name: Ms Anne Hofstra
  Position: Programme Manager, Chemical and Biological Testing
  Phone: 09 525-6655
  Facsimile: 09 525-2266



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